Friday, March 19, 2010

A heart, a request & a peep.....

Sring Heart, maybe?
Derived from the pattern of
Spring Doily-2.
I think it's quite visible in the pattern diagram itself!
Just added a chain all around.
Thank You all for the response to my two litlle Doilies.

 I feel  I really need to see the patterns tatted by someone else,
maybe to know for sure that the pattern is right.
(and definitely to bask in the glory of somebody else tatting my pattern!)
Could I please have someone test tat them for me?
If someone does,
send me an e-mail or leave a comment at this post
  and I'll get back to you.
Thanks in advance!

And now for the peep!
Here's a peep into my current project......
I hope to finish this by


Luv U All
SeeYa soon!


Miranda said...

I'm planning to do one of the doilies just as soon as I finish all my bookmarks, probably next week sometime. I'll let you know as soon as I do.

TypsTatting said...

I would love to test tat one of your patterns. I am a self taught tatter and only started last August!!!

Fox said...

I'm on it! I'll email you when I have posted it on 'tat-ology' - with the credit to you of course!
Fox : ) ♥

Vinnie said...

Oh Thank You all so much!
I'm waiting DESPERATELY!!!!

Bonnie said...

Spring Heart is lovely! I'd enjoy tatting that one. How big did it turn out? Will you be revamping the pattern to include the chain for the heart? Lovely.

A Tatting Day project, wonder what lovely thing your working on now.

Liyarra said...

Would love to test tat it for you Vinnie. I have time Saturday so will give it a go then if that is ok.

Pearlin J said...

Gorgeous doily.

Liyarra said...

Did your pattern and I LOVE it. Thank you for sharing it and giving us the chance to trial it for you.


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